“Learning and Development ” 

We provide a range of courses...

To support with improving wellness and mental health, these courses are available to both individuals and businesses. We can also support our business clients through developing and delivering bespoke training for their employees, or through collaborating with the internal Learning and Development teams to create an in-house wellness curriculum and wellness modules mapped to specific leadership and management qualifications.

Course TitleObjectivesDurationPrice
Be 8 WiseIn-depth analysis of self against the 8 Wise model – Development of an action plan to improve balance and wellness – 2 x 30 minute telephone coaching sessions to support in achieving objectives2 days£250
8 Wise: Getting SMART about WellnessIntroduction to the 8 Wise model – General analysis of self against the 8 Wise model1 day£100
8 Wise MasterclassIntroduction to the 8 Wise model2 x hours£50
Mental health awarenessUnderstanding Mental Health in ourselves and in others – Understanding Mental Health in the workplace and in the home1 day£100
Managing Stress and AnxietyUnderstanding stress and anxiety, how it can escalate and how it is manages1 day£100
Discovering your Emotional IntelligenceUnderstanding the importance of Emotional Intelligence, the benefits of developing strong emotional intelligence and how to build it1 day£100
Effective AssertivenessUnderstanding the difference between Aggression and Assertiveness and developing assertive behaviours1 day£100
Improving Self-EsteemDeveloping an understanding of self esteem and its effects on well- being. – Developing tools and techniques to develop better self esteem1 day£100
Managing ProcrastinationUnderstanding procrastination and how to overcome it1 day£100