Relaxation Therapy

“relaxing your body and your mind” 

Relaxation refers to a focusing of the mind.....

And a relaxing of the body’s 400 contracting muscles. In relaxation therapy, we focus on relaxing your body and your mind, which then enables us to manage the thinking process and potentially clear the mind of thoughts.

Our Approach

  • Hypnotherapy and NLP - A psychological therapy to help induce a fully relaxed state of the mind
  • Mindfulness – A technique used to focus the mind on the ‘here and now’ and control the flow of thoughts into the mind
  • Guided visualisation – The practice of guiding your mind through a series of images to achieve a balanced state of mind (this is especially useful in overcoming stress or fears
  • Reflexology - Aims to relax your body, flush out toxins and improves blood and lymph circulation. Releases endorphins like serotonin to lift your mood
  • Head and body massage - Stimulates the body to remove toxins, release muscle tension and improve oxygen levels. Improves circulation, joint and muscle flexibility
  • Aromatherapy - The right oil can have a positive natural impact on your body, mind and spirit. They can make you feel uplifted, energised, relaxed and support the healing process
  • Auricular candle therapy - Wax and any impurities in the ear are drawn into the candle and out of the ear. Great for removing excess ear wax, travel sickness and equalising ear pressure
  • Yoga body massage - Coming soon. A wonderful massage embracing yoga positions and postures to aid wellbeing

NB: Services 4 to 8 are provided at our Mossley Hill Therapy suite only

Our Relaxation formats

We provide Relaxation Therapy in the following formats:


You can come and see us in person at our Liverpool based office


We can create and send a recording of your bespoke relaxation session

Individual or group

You may choose to attend one of our group sessions spending time with people experiencing similar issues

Issues Relaxation Therapy can support with:

Our clients come with a broad range of issues including anxiety, career transition, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / M.E, depression, driving tests, emotional Issues, exams, Hypno-Band (weight loss), job interviews, leadership development, panic attacks, phobias, personal development, relaxation, self-esteem, self-defeating behaviours, shyness, sleep, start exercising, stop smoking.


Relaxation Therapy single session

£60 per session

Package prices are available