Happy Monday everyone! If you are wanting to start your week off on the right foot, be sure to check out our weekly ‘Good News Monday’ blog posts where we share uplifting and positive news. Today we’re talking all about cycling. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the lockdown that has ensued as a result, there has been a 200% surge in cycling across the UK! The transport secretary Grant Shapps said: “Despite fewer people travelling over the last few weeks during this crisis, we’ve actually seen around 100 per cent increase in weekday cycling and at weekends that increase has been up to 200 per cent. We want to use this recovery to permanently change the way we travel.” The government are now set to make half a million bike maintenance vouchers worth £50 each to encourage more people to use their bikes, plus towns and cities all over the UK are widening pavements and expanding cycle lanes.

Cycling a much safer form of transport than public transport during this time, plus it’s a lot better for the environment. Not only this, it’s also great for you. Cycling is a healthy, low-impact form of exercise that’s great for all the family. Due to its low-impact nature, it causes less strain and injuries that many other types of exercise. It also gives your muscles a good work out as it exercises all of your major muscle groups. As it’s mainly an aerobic exercise, your heart, blood vessels and lungs all benefit. Health benefits of hopping on your bike regularly include: increased cardiovascular fitness, better muscle strength and flexibility, improved joint mobility, reduced stress levels, improved posture and coordination, stronger bones, reduced levels of body fat, prevention or management of disease, and reduced anxiety and depression.

There is evidence to suggest that those who cycle to work rather than drive or take public transport, have two to three times less exposure to pollution, meaning lung function is better. A Danish study suggests that those who regularly cycle are less likely to develop heart disease.

So, why not hop on your bike this week and reap the benefits?

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