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Meet Kim, The Founder of Dalton Wise Coaching & Therapy!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a qualified coach, therapist and trainer, with a career spanning over a decade in corporate business at a senior level. 

I lived with someone from a young age who suffered with their mental health, and as mentioned, I too have had my own battles – so I understand both sides of it, resulting in a passion that runs very deep.

I set Dalton Wise Coaching and Therapy up in 2017, in response to my own journey and experiences with mental health which came to a head after a car crash in 2014. I suffered with stress, anxiety, burnout, depression and low-level agoraphobia. I sought help and after a 16 week wait, was provided with my initial 6 sessions of NHS counselling.

I started to lift the lid on some of my deeper issues, but just as they all came to light, I was left in turmoil when the sessions ended – no more funding, which is sadly a common story for so many. So as a stubborn, proactive, problem solver by nature I decided to take my recovery into my own hands, and as a result, via a lot of research and additional training to secure professional knowledge, skills and qualifications, Dalton Wise and 8 Wise were developed, and now here I am talking to you from my office in Liverpool.​

ready to improve your Mental Health?

I now work internationally with clients......

Supporting people to do what I did – take back control of their mental health and feel better about themselves and their life. Finally after 30 years, I can finally say ‘I love my life’ and even though it’s not perfect and problems and issues still arise every day, I feel confident that I have developed the skills and tools to manage them as effectively as I possibly can – it’s a far cry from the broken woman of 2014 who was too scared to move from the sofa.

My approach worked for me, it has proven to be successful with many of my clients and I believe it can help you too, so don’t be scared to get in touch and take back control of your mental health and start living a more fulfilling and happy life.

Kim’s 8 Wise approach focus’ on developing Realistic Goals with Tangible Outcomes and improving different areas of your life. E.g. improve work satisfaction and work life balance, change jobs or careers, improve personal or professional relationships, improve health or fulfil personal/professional potential. We will work collaboratively with you to develop solutions to your issues and life challenges, empowering you to set and reach goals and make the changes you want for a happier more productive and fulfilling life.